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    I Speak for Pitbulls's photo: Don't you just love the way people, who have never even had a "Pit Bull" or Bully Breed dog, think they know so much about our dogs and have any right to tell us about the dogs we live our day to day lives with?


    Tan Fat....

    If you're curious about my sense of humor and general demeanor in the kitchen and when I deal with chefs. I embrace my femininity, but don't let that be a point of weakness.

    Oh Lawd yes!

    pretty much...

    i dont have road rage, i just lack patience for idiot drivers that want to drive slower than me and hang out in front of my car....!!

    Funny Workplace Ecard: If we didn't have humor at work, what would we have? Ulcers. We'd have ulcers.

    So true

    It's true! Can't sleep all night and never more tired than when it's time to get up!

    Pet peeve. Speak correctly!!!!

    This. Exactly.

    My wrinkles are from laughter, Well, except those lines between my eyebrows... THOSE are my WTF lines & those fuckers are DEEP!


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    yes! the princess part!

    This is me exactly!! All of these fit me perfectly,and number 6 is not quite so true, I put my phone on silent, a lot....I text when I can, I do have a life

    #lol #funny #humor

    There's a moron in every office & they usually get paid more than you do ! - work humor

    Rx: no cure