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  • Allison Thomas

    I couldn't wait to get the Sears Christmas Book every year. I *wish* these were still produced; there's nothing like a Sears Christmas Catalog!

  • Pat Swagger

    We couldn't wait to get the Sears Christmas Book every year. LOVED knowing there were so many toy possibilities from Santa! I picked out my first bicycle (purple with a banana seat :) and so many other things that would be under the tree on Christmas morning.

  • Lisa Hunt

    Ha! Remember this @Kristen Hunt Sears Christmas Book

  • Andrea Bowman

    This brings back childhood memories! We couldn't wait to get the Sears Christmas Book every year...

  • Aurelio Hilll

    We couldn't wait to get the Sears Christmas Book every #kid toy #baby toy #baby product #children toy|

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Wow. When I saw this pin, memories came flooding back from my childhood days. My grandmother always had hard tack candy sitting out in candy dishes. I always had my favorite colors/flavors too. I haven't seen this in ages. Good Christmas memories for sure.

From a Sears Christmas Catalog- I wore a cowgirl outfit like this in a first grade play at school. (Sang "Home on the Range")---Memories

Mom said the Christmas tree wasn't done without at least 2 packages of these (and they had to hang straight down). Would re-use them year after year.

  • Christe Harwood

    yup, we re-used them too, but usually got tired of putting them on one at a time and ended up throwing them at the tree.

  • Judy Herzanek

    And these were the metal ones. The plastic ones got static electricity all over the place!

  • Nancy Williams

    So ugly & globbed all together--had them

  • Sandra Burgess

    my mom would put this on her tree one strand at a time...She even decorated the living room ceiling

  • Angel Rivas

    I love them, the tree was not completed without them

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Sears dad kept these. Us girls would go through it page by page, circling everything we wanted for Christmas.

Sears Catalog Christmas 1966 - cover by Zaz Databaz (I was in first grade.)

My mom loved Montgomery Wards

The day the annual Sears Christmas catalog arrived in the mail was a jubilant day! Kids poured over that thing! <> (retro, vintage, yesteryear, Xmas)

Read this book in junior high like this: O_O. My parents would have shit if they knew what it was about. Hahaha.

LOVE vintage childcraft books - must find a complete set asap!

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A ceramic Christmas tree....still gets put up every year!!

1962 Sears Christmas Book. We would peruse this book and circle everything we wanted for Christmas! I had one of these metal dollhouses...note the "fallout shelter" referenced in the right-lower corner of the page

  • Jan Martin

    Yes! I do still have the little pink baby. Not sure where she is but I know I still have her! Such memories!

  • Cheryl Duran

    So very cool that you still have the baby. Alas, all I have are the memories, but what great memories. Oh yeah, I had all the molded plactic furniture too. Can't tell you how many times I rearranged that house!

  • Jan Martin

    I have a picture of me doing just that! Loved playing with this set. It was a birthday gift. Obviously one of my favorites!

  • Cheryl Duran

    Very cool, and thanks for bringing back some great memories! :)

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Vintage 40s Christmas Elves. My mother had these when I was a girl. She would move them around the living room while we were sleeping and pretend they did it on their own. ;) She has lost two through the years, but still has one. I am buying these for sure. Such great memories.