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  • Lynzi Morrison

    Duh- I never thought of turning paperbacks into hardbacks! Bookbinding 101: In this time of e-books, how nice to find a DIY for turning favorite paperbacks into custom hardbacks.

  • Dixie Supler

    Turn paperback books into hardcover books!

  • Kate Ryskamp

    How to turn old paperbacks into Custom Hardbacks - I love me some book binding...

  • Leslie Tinge

    bookbinding tutorials

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Really interesting way to bind a book. I think this can be done after the book has been bound.

handbound longstitch books in a lovely case - bookbinding

To be honest, recovering books to coordinate on your shelf seems a little frivolous. BUT. It's so pretty! And so many of the crafts I make are frivolous anyway. Because unnecessary crafting is fun.  See how the justification works out? :) So, if I ever get the patience, I might cover a shelf of books.

A very great website with oodels of information on how to do your own bookbinding. I'd love to create my own book (for drawing) and I'm still pouring over this site... Love it!

This pin has 2 purposes: 1.DIY: handmade bookbinding and 2. to remember that from now on I think I want to make a book about my year and in the book each day will be like a recepie, DIY, photo I love, etc. So each year I can go back and remeber my favorite things!

old book: remove spine and use pages as base to affix scrap paper or replace book signatures with same size scrap paper for a journal, scrap book, photo album. Make a theme, use to collect most cherished Christmas & Birthday cards or use all your Wedding/Shower cards to create a keepsake of event. Endless possibilities...

Notebook covered with pieces of photos - great idea for all those photos I print out then have no other use for!

DIY Nook/Kindle cover from an old book

DIY Map covered letters. Would be cool to cover with maps of meaningful places. Could do each child's name and a map of the state with the city they were born in for each kid!

The Precious Little Things in Life: How to DIY Book Covers With the Title Printed on the Spine : A Detailed Step-By-Step Guide

Fabric covered books Cover a Writing or Sketching Journal What a wonderful gift for the Writer or Artist in the family