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Ryan Reynolds

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  • Cheryl Losurdo

    Ryan Reynolds, now that is some eye candy! Yummy

  • Daisy Street

    Ryan Reynolds ♥ #Ryanreynolds #beaut #boys #crush

  • Sara Kruse

    Ryan Reynolds - A thing of beauty....

  • Victoria Fuentes

    Canadian hottie Ryan Reynolds cast as superhero Green Lantern Saving the world one cup at a time with CAFN8RX and here superhero sidekicks. The first coffess and teas that come with comics! @cafn8rx cafn8rx cafn8rx @cafn8rx cafn8rx cafn8rx @Caffeine Comic-Con Fans Coming soon at

  • Amy Kirkman

    Ryan Reynolds. Yeah boys can be beautiful. (proof)

  • Lina Iwabuchi

    Ryan Reynolds #weightloss #fitness #home #beauty #loseweight #weight #workout #products #hcg #diet #people

  • Jennifer Ramirez

    Ryan Reynolds - I don't understand what so many people have against him. I think he's BEAUTIFUL....among the rest of my list of eye candy, hahaha.

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Ryan Reynolds ~ from theChive ~ October 20, 2011

ryan reynolds - Google Search

Lovin this chest.....umm I mean guy! Great actor. Yeah actor. Nothing about that fine abs n chest...... Just good actor. ;)

Who wears their swim suit that low? Seriously Ryan, there's a reason they have that tie at the top. You lose those trunks and half the female population is gonna lose their minds.

Ryan Reynolds ~ from theChive ~ October 20, 2011

This is my first pin. I don't really get how this works yet. But I do know that I would LOVE to pin Ryan Reynolds.

most of the time headlines are important...but his picture speaks much louder than my words ever could

Canadian boy....Just a sample of the OH MY GOODNESS we grow up here .:)

The alphabet of hot guys: U is for Ryan Reynolds because there is no U

Ryan Reynolds. Men should not be allowed to be this hot. Unless said men are knocking down my doors.