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  • #FengShui Patricia Lee

    The Pathway to Choice. There are always forks in the road. Which one you take depends on the current luck cycle and year you are living. This is based on your BaZi birth chart. While the chart outlines events in your life, the outcome depends on the choices that you make and are of your own free will. Bokod, Hungary

  • Ken Liew

    rowdy path lead to beautiful places

  • Blair Socci

    would like to feel what it's like to walk on this tiny, uneven pathway. who lives in these houses? are they all relatives? friends? brujos?

  • Kiss My Broccoli

    My way home - Wooden paths to houses on water

  • Gao Di

    Bokod, Hungary. I had a recurring dream growing up with this image but no houses and the bridge being partially submerged by water. I think I need to go there.

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No one said the path would be easy. I have stumbled and strayed, but have found my way back again. The challenge is to quiet ones own mind to be mindful and open ones heart to whatever life has to offer.

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