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There are some people who could hear you speak a thousand words and still not understand you. And there are others who will understand without you even speaking a word. <3 this is true for all my best friends!

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T70- When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure vinyl wall art decals lettering words sayings quote

...enough said

Best Friend Quote. A shovel... or a really hard fist. :) to my best friend ik ur always their for me "bro" and "sis" and to my "bro" ik u know i almost always know whats got u done same goes for u guys to me thanks

This is why I'm very cautions of who to say it too, "I love you" should mean, "I want to be with you for the rest of my life"

apartment ideas, along the top of a wall- a quote or something might be cute