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Officially dedicated in 1839, the Greenmount Cemetery in Baltimore is the final resting place to over 65,000 people. One grave consisted of a stone casket encased in curved glass. Roses were carved beautifully into the sarcophagus.

A solitary casket remained in a corner of the pitch black vault. It was no ordinary casket however; it was made of steel, and had eighteen or so clamps on the lid. It appeared to be a special container for bodies that were to be stored for a long period of time, or perhaps infected with a contagious disease - it had the ability to be sealed without contaminating the vault air, and was impervious to seepage.

butterfly headstone - I would like to have something like this

The funeral procession that never moves...otherwise known as the Henry Wooldridge Monuments. In truth, it's one man's homage to himself in a 17 x 33-foot burial plot. Paying their respects to the vault containing the actual Henry are 2 stone versions of himself, his mom, 4 brothers, 3 sisters, 2 nieces, a horse, 2 dogs and a fox, all standing inside the iron fence and staring East. All the statues were done before he was, so imagine how weird that funeral was. Mayfield, Kentucky

sp-arqtec: “ calle Padua 75, Barcelona. Año 1903. Fotos David Cardelús ”

William A. Stowell (1837 - 1913) Montpelier, Vermont. A large stone at the side of the stairway lists the family names

Image Detail for - This is the famous Rob Roy's grave, buried with his widow and son ...

Art nouveau. Life In Havana, Cuba. #luxury #travel #candles

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