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Hahahahaha! This is so true! Jensen hasn't changed a bit! I want Jared to cut his hair, it's longer than mine!

On a scale of 1-Jensen Ackles how much do you regret old pictures of you?

Dean Winchester... like crunchy peanut butter

Dean winchester- such a cutie ♥

Omg...I don't ship Destiel...but this was too good!!! << I do and this is FANTASTIC oh my god Castiel

you see they are not normal sam cant exclude his lovely butt from the picture and dean can leave behind his face so....

Supernatural - I've actually lost count of how many times each of them have died and somehow come back. Its insane(ly badass).

supernatural castiel funny | funny-Supernatural-mother-sounding-joke


The fact that this is basically Supernatural and its fandom. Netflix- "Sarah.. What are you doing here?" Me- "Running from my problems." Netflix- *opens arms* "Come on in and I'll start playing Supernatural for you." Me- "Thank... Thank you, Netflix."