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    "It’s no surprise then that I fell for True Nature Botanicals. Their skincare products are so gentle and smell amazing." ~Garance Doré #TrueNatureLife

    True Nature Botanicals | Pacific Exfoliating Moisture Mask | Credo Beauty | #discoverCredoBeauty

    "Each product is exquisite and contains all the ingredients I recommend in the right concentration, in a perfect formulation." ~Sophie Uliano #TrueNatureLife

    "At its base it's velvety and sensual, evoking thoughts of sun-warmed flower buds on citrus trees." ~XO Vain #TrueNatureLife

    "True Nature Botanicals combines the most prized ingredients from land and sea with safe, cutting-edge technology to create the most effective skincare line I’ve used to date." ~Bare Beauty Blog #TrueNatureLife

    "After about two days, I could see my skin was no longer ruddy, it was moisturized and my breakouts were healing." ~Green Product Junkie #TrueNatureLife

    "It is everything my problem skin looks for in a facial oil; light and easily absorbed, healing and blemish-busting." ~Fragmented Splendour #TrueNatureLife

    "Thankfully, gone are the days in which we slapped plastic bead-laden pastes on our faces and proceeded to rough skin up as a way of brightening complexions." ~Yahoo Beauty #TrueNatureLife

    "As a company that “spares no expense”, True Nature Botanicals ensures each product is full of the necessary ingredients to help correct and perfect any skin type." ~Kind-Eye #TrueNatureLife

    "Pacific Body Oil is great for extremely dry skin. Sesame oil is used to heal and reduce flaking skin and the apricot oil is rich in linoleic acid." ~Beauty and Well Being #TrueNatureLife

    "I’m obsessed with their lip treatment (perfect for combatting airplane dryness), night serum, and topical treatment." ~Wit and Delight #TrueNatureLife

    "...come morning I'm always amazed at how calm angry dark marks appear and how bright my complexion looks" ~Fragmented Splendour #TrueNatureLife

    "I saw her last week and her skin looks amazing. Her pores look tighter, skin texture softer and she has a nice healthy glow." ~Eight and Wild #TrueNatureLife

    "The Secret Ingredient in this Face Magic: Powdered Pearl." ~Stylenik #TrueNatureLife

    “It turns out what’s good for you is also luxurious. You don’t have to choose." ~Fortune #TrueNatureLife

    "Peterson’s goal is to change the personal care industry, and set a new standard for skincare and fragrance" ~Forbes #TrueNatureLife

    "This versatile, gentle cleanser is perfect for all complexion types; especially dry, sensitive and/or blemish prone." ~Kelley Farlow #TrueNatureLife

    "I have an aversion to strong fragrances, but this solid perfume from True Nature Botanicals is my new vacation favorite." ~ JC, PopSugar

    "[This] brand is what dreams are made of - with crazy high potency, targeted skincare for those of you who want to get serious looking after your face." ~Nouvelle Daily #TrueNatureLife

    "Sometimes I am out all day working and I need to have some form of touching up on the go and a scent to feel fresh. I am a citrus lady, doesn’t matter what season." ~ Norah Salazar #TrueNatureLife

    "The Pacific Vitamin C Treatment and Pacific Night Serum with Retinol are two NMDL not-so-secret weapons in our quest for great skin." #TrueNatureLife

    But we can divulge this tidbit: Our mother—the “queen of creams” and a, er, opinionated aesthetic voice, if ever there was one—told us that our skin looked “like porcelain,” last week, which is a huge compliment coming from her.

    A trial conducted by the company found that half of the 283 participants showed significant reductions of fine wrinkles and other improvements after using Pacific products for 30 days, and 100 percent showed improvement after three months.

    This is why we love Pacific Topical Marine Treatment. More fibrocytes = more collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, so 45-year old skin acts like it’s 25 again.