All for the boys- the BEST ideas on this site, all for boys. No ruffles here! Great reading for boy mamas!

For my boys

Neat but Christmas lights accessible to kids worries me bc of the lead.Best kid fort ideas - make magical memories with amazing forts, plus a flashlight reading fort party. So easy and special.

How is it possible that out of all the LITTLE BOYS in the World, we got the best one?!

For my boys

100 Things You Can Purchase from the Dollar Tree and Use in Play. This site is amazing!!

A blog all about projects/crafts/activities for BOYS!

For both my boys :)

How fun would this blowup fort be on a day when you're stuck inside?

Mama's Boy.

Rewarding kids with things they get to do instead of things they get to have. When they do something good, they pick from the jar and get things like to stay up a little later or play outside a little longer etc. Cute idea!

Some awesome sites for kids

Im doing this after AND before I have kids!

Finally a website with little boy crafts!! Must explore some more when I have time.

masking tape : change the track everyday

Wow this site has HUNDREDS of activities for newborns to 5 year olds that are organized by 1/2 of their age all the way! Perfect for EVERY stage!!!

Cool crafts & activities for both boys and girls!

Mama's Boy Vnecks – enjoyessential

what a cute idea!