All for the boys- the BEST ideas on this site, all for boys. No ruffles here! Great reading for boy mamas!

20+ Unplugged Ideas for Tweenage Boys (ages 9-12). Ideas for projects, hobbies, chores, etc.

For my boys

25 Rules for Mothers of Boys, so sweet! Some good quotes too. To all my mamas- this is an amazing read

100 Things You Can Purchase from the Dollar Tree and Use in Play. This site is amazing!!

Crafts & Activities for Boys

grandmama & grandson date... Take him thrifting to find an electronic to tear apart, just like most boys have always wanted to do. Let him go crazy in trying to get into it! Read the blog link to see more about the date. :) THIS, is a great idea!

40 Ways to Keep a Toddler Busy Oh, I am loving this site!

100 Fun Summer Ideas for the Whole Family – Geared Towards Younger Children (Pt. 1 of 4)

Back and forth journals for Mom and kids. I really love this idea! Wouldn't this be a great way to encourage writing, and have a memory to look back on?----I need to do this, way cool!

Family Fun

Tons of ideas for how to survive a road trip with kids. Some of these are sheer brilliance.

Painter's Tape Jumping Course / Agility Ladder.

Boys will be boys

Need MORE craft ideas for boys? Look no further! Boys do craft!

Bashing Baked Cotton Balls... Moms of boys

Tablecloth playhouse or fort. Store in a drawer when you're not using it. Such a good idea! Fantastic! I really might make one of these!!

Hang an outside fort Forts can be fun outside, too. Just grab a shower curtain and hook the rings onto a hula-hoop. Suspend it from a tree and there you have it: a clean, cool place to read, play with action figures or use as home base.

toddler activities!

cool moms make capes. even cooler moms make jet packs. @Lisa Kennedy, I can see you doing this!

we need this...