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Biker born, biker bred, when I die, I'll be biker dead #sonsofanarchy #jaxteller

Jax Teller: President and Prince of SAMCRO. Have such a love/hate relationship with him this season

Charlie Hunnam / Jax Teller, soa

im all about the fairytale baby... ♥ 'your all about making my dreams come true' - hollaaa

"Charlie Hunnam. Go ahead, check his imdb. Betcha didn't know Nicholas Nickleby was so damn hot. Or the creep from Cold Mountain had the body of a god. I'll take him for a birthday gift this year. " whoever wrote this made me laugh out loud. Plus just look at him...

Sons of Anarchy ~ JaX you cant tell me he isn't the hottest thing ever!

Jax Teller 😍 SAMCRO Sons of Anarchy Charlie Hunnam

Opie & Jax - Sons of Anarchy. My first puppy will be named Opie after Ryan Hurst's character on this show!

My recent trip to Sturgis 2013 Near Montana I had the Pleasure of riding my Hog at 96 Miles an Hour "What A Rush" VS 55 MPH...

I love this pic! But oh so sad...