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DOMINICAN CAJUIL - Cashew and brown sugar chew

dominican desserts | Dominican Desserts

dominican desserts | Traditional Dominican desserts

Dominican Cashew Apple Dessert, Dulce de Cajuil - Maris Cakes

Arepa (Dominican cornmeal and coconut cake)

Flan ....this is a must eat dessert in Dominicans =)

I haven't had this but I would love to try it. Orange peel Dominican dessert!

Dulce frío (Cold dessert) Dominican dessert, yummy!

habichuelas con dulce - sweet bean cream - #dominican

Sweet cream of beans (habichuelas con dulce). Traditional and uniquely-Dominican dessert.

Dominican Sweet Bean Dessert/Habichuelas con Dulce

recipe for my favourite Dominican dessert Habichuelas con dulce

Miriam’s Flan Recipe, easy 1-2-3 recipe. Dominican favorite dessert.

"Leche cortada" Dominican dessert

Dominican food !

Dulce de Cereza Dominicano, Dominican Carribean Cherry Marmalade Dessert

Pecan Pie Cake Recipe: double layer spice cake, from scratch, with a pecan pie filling and brown sugar frosting! This is a must have dessert!!!

Buñuelos de viento en sirop (choux pastry in syrup): This dessert only takes 15 minutes to make! Its a dish mostly served during Lent in the Dominican Republic but can be enjoyed anytime of the year.

Dominican Coffee.... :)

Duice De Leche Cortada.....means Sweet Curdled Milk. It is a traditional Dominican dessert and a very popular one.

Dominican dulce de leche