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Be afraid. Be very afraid lol

so true!

so true!

so true!

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Show respect even to people who dont deserve it, not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of yours -from Lifehacker, quoting Dave Willis

so true

It doesn't matter if the glass is half empty or half full.... be grateful that you have a glass and there is something in it. #Gratitude #LawOfAttraction #TheSecret #Happiness #Inspiration #Motivate #Dreamer #DreamChasing #Successful #Affirmation #Manifest #Blessed #BlessedLife #SelfImprovement #Uplifting #SmileAlways #BetterMe #positive #PositiveVibes #Focused #BetterMe #GoodLife

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You cannot save people, you can only love them.

Don't let how you think life should be get in the way of experiencing what's incredible about today.

this too shall pass



Joel Osteen quote of what to say to yourself when you get up.

Joel Osteen Quote

Bad memories will play the most often, but just because the memory comes up doesn’t mean you have to watch it. Change the channel. -Joel Osteen by deeplifequotes, via Flickr

legend says, when you can't sleep at night, it's because you're awake in someone else's dream.


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