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I'm stronger

Equally at home in an artful collage or on its own as an eye-catching focal point, this planked wood wall decor showcases a motivational typographic motif for charming appeal. Product: Wall decor Construction Material: Wood Features: Ready to hang

The error of the past is the success and wisdom of the future.

Quote: Life is life photography. We develop from the negatives." Pinner: "Hand Lettering and Typography by Sean McCabe

Never give up

Don't be afraid to fail.be afraid not to try Thomas S. Monson Famous Quotes That Have Been Edited With The Word ‘Pantone’

Strong women

11 Powerful Quotes For Your Motivational Board

My life motto. I hear,"you are stronger than i am, I could never do what you are doing." All of the time. But then i say,"what choice do i have?" You would be surprised the things you can make it through when you have no choice but to

REal Beauty #quote - brassyapple.com - seeing your good qualities

Beauty is the best possible version of yourself on the inside out. Definition of beauty

Have faith when going through hard times your story will one day inspire others

Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring! You never know when your children are watching.

Mentally strong.

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Yeah. This is how I roll. And how the women in my life roll, too. Ya'll an inspiration to me and I Love you fiercely.  <3

{Quote} "A strong woman stand up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everyone else." Behind every man there stands a strong woman LoL …