I will pick socks over slippers, any day. Sock monkey slippers are the icing on the cake.

Leaving the nest behind. Maybe with a nest instead of the branch?

Best Friends Tattoo: You, who is more outgoing, get the one on the line to remind you of me - giving you a place to land sometimes. As I, the more shy one, get the flying birds as a reminder of you. to serve as inspiration to fly on my own.

swallow: sailors would get after traveling a certain number of miles, (5000?) also sometimes seen as good luck for the journey home.  Seems kind of fitting for a mid-life tattoo.

My life and death sparrows done by Woody Robinson at Lovedog Tattoo in Soquel, CA. I plan on placed "Smile with the Rising sun" from Bob Marleys Three l. Life and Death Sparrows


Owl Tattoos: Designs, Ideas, Meanings, and Photos

If you are looking forward to make an tattoo then obviously choose an experienced artist .So here are some creative pictures of Cute Owl Tattoo Designs to Ink.

my heart locket tattoo

my friend Dani's heart locket tattoo

feather cover up tattoo | Peacock Feather Tattoo:

10 Amazing Indian Tattoo Designs

the outer beauty of a peacock feather shows the inner beauty of a person wearing it as a tattoo. People with peacock feather tattoos are believed to be good, honest, kind, patient and always optimistic about life.

How to Make your Own Temporary Tattoos 1. Sharpie thick lines of what you want 2. Rub baby powder on the area 3. Spray lots of hairspray on thee area 4. Run the area under cold water for 30 seconds once the hairspray has almost dried on your skin. And now you have a temporary tattoo lasting 1 month or so :) !!

How to temporary tattoo from one of your own drawings. its like diy henna! tattoos-and-piercings

My sailor feet! Tattooed by Tim at Blu Gorilla in Charleston, SC! <3!

Love these sailor feet :) (tattooed by Tim at Blu Gorilla in Charleston, SC)