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A Dozen Homemade Organic Garden Remedies

12 home remedies: I have made the insecticide soap! Squash bugs are eating my plants! I have been using the Epsom salt spray for some time now and my plants have flourished!

10 Everyday Household Items That Make Perfect Seedling Starters

Random but we just had a huge box of stale cones come in through gleaners... this'll be perfect!

Slugs will eat cornmeal, even though it kills them. Put cornmeal in a jar turned on its side near the affected plants...!!!

DIY insecticide for gardens 1 Tbsp. Orange Essential Oil 1 Qt. Water Spray Bottle 1 Tsp. Cayenne Pepper Combine 1 tbsp. of orange essential oil with 1 qt. of water in a spray bottle.

31 Household Products You'll Never Have To Buy Again

Put strawberry plants in concrete blocks to edge a garden. This helps keep the strawberries off the ground and the warmth of the blocks helps them grow.