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So true!

This is how I feel about avocados…

Oh man, I was halfway between not yet and eat me now today, thankfully most of the avocado was EAT ME NOW. ~Mary EAT ME NOW is only 30 minutes long, usually while you're at work. Avocados are jerks.

I hate saying I told you so but...wait, no I don't.

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Yep, it may seem like I'm buying your bullshit but I'm really not!!

Just because I appear to believe your BS, doesn't mean I'm as stupid as you think I am. I'm just laughing inside and waiting to see what else you come up with. yuppers so true knew exactly one person this relates to .

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Clearly she hasn't mastered her OCD yet. I write my list the FIRST time in order of where I find it in the store. And it's not OCD, I call it time management.

Sad, but true....though I'm not sure what a day off is...

Sad, but true.though I'm not sure what a day off is.

Haha! I feel this way about dessert.

This is how I feel everytime i eat now. Thanks baby, for eating my food for me ;