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fall, my favorite season :)

The Season of Autumn

The Season of Autumn

Autumn Changes according to Ayurveda

Fall:  Autumn Nights... Change is inevitable, allowing time to grieve. Anticipating the deep cold, with each falling leaf. Abundant colors of brown, orange and red. Bring warmth inside though so many are dead The crisp ground covered with lifelessness so bright One can't help but find peace on every single autumn night.  Author: WKDickman

Burst of Colors

Autumn leaves and fog work well together. I love the fall

Fall <3 ok this really reminds me of the last scene on Hocus Pocus

Dead Trees Silhouetted at Sunset

Beautiful Northern Mountain Valley Waterfalls | Valley Falls State Park, West Virginia

When and Where to See the Best Fall Color in the Southeast

✯ Vibrant Fall Foliage at Valley Falls State Park, West Virginia, USA

I have a photo very similar to this taken at at the Collegiate Peaks in Colorado.

Fishing Bridge Region, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The perfect fall morning!


Inwood Thanksgiving 2011 (lovely fall arrangement - any year!

Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year

Simplicity is beauty essay by alice Simplicity is a term for a lifestyle that has gone in and out of fashion; usually with the economy. You hear it alot when we are in a downturn, people

Hildesheim, Germany

I would love to live in a place like this

В жизни всё временно. Если всё идёт хорошо - наслаждайся, это не будет длиться вечно. Ну а если всё паршиво - не кисни, это тоже не навсегда.  Ф. М. Достоевский

Yeh saat asmaan kabhi mukhtasar to ho یہ سات آسماں کبھی مختصر تو ہو یہ گھومتی زمیں کہیں ٹھہرنے تو دے Poetry


“Autumn’s Cathedral” - Washington State by Joel deWaard. I LOVE when trees grow together over a path! Like walking/driving through a hug.


My favorite season.

sunset glow

Now THAT would be a beautiful place to take a walk

Marble, Colorado

Old Crystal Mill Colorado

Who's ready for pumpkin Spice Latte, Cozy Sweaters, and gutting teens? - Google Search

My favorite time of the year. Fall is my favorite season. I could honestly leave out haunted houses and Halloween.

TONS! And I mean TONS of Halloween Fall Decor ideas from the Thrifty Decor Chick

love the mums with the hay bale and pumpkins (TONS of Halloween/Fall Decor ideas from the Thrifty Decor Chick)