Wedding guest book alternative. Have guests sign cut out paper hearts that are fixed to canvas frame.

WEDDING GUEST BOOK Alternative - 132 guest sign, Classic Hearts, Unique Guest Book Poster, Art Print. on Etsy, $37.00

wedding guest book!!

10 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas: Guest Book Art

Alternative Wedding Guest Book

wish i'd heard of this a year ago... wedit sends the wedding couple 5 HD cameras in the mail 3 days before the wedding weekend. the couple passes them out to the wedding guests througout the festivities to record & the couple returns cameras to wedit to edit. wedit then edits the footage into an awesome video. you can capture moments from the entire wedding weekend! much more personal :)

Cool idea instead of a guest book.

Guest book alternative ideas

Turn engagement photos into a book and have guest sign instead of a boring guest book!


Cute alternative to a guest book?

We love the idea of a jenga guestbook! Fun tips you can see in the future whenever you want to play a game! #weddingideas

Really cool idea for a guest book: little envelopes. Guests write messages and slip them inside

guest signing idea.... puzzle pieces

I love this idea of having everyone sign a wine bottle and then drinking it on your first anniversary! ---> 20 Creative Guest Book Ideas For Wedding Reception

Sticker book of Instagram photos. Sealing stickers for thank you cards using photos taken at wedding? $10 for 252 stickers.

Instead of signing a book

guest book

Personalized Wedding Alphabet Art Guest Book by alphabetcanvas

Another neat guestbook idea :)

Wedding Guestbook Wall Art instead of the traditional book. Could be a cute idea.. some type of guest book for wall art.