love it!!

Texts from dog. Omg!! I laughed for like 10 mins went to wake up my kid for him to read them

Whale whale whale. I don't think a baby whale would die if I won't like it, I repin for the funny whales.

Text from dog

It's too cute to not repost.

funny texts

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"That's How I Roll" Star Wars Force Awakens BB8 Shirt (Sci Fi Geek Gift Idea). Funny Star Wars T-Shirt with Geek Slogan


but I like bingo..?

I hate when people reply with "k". Such a waste of a message. Or the text message way of saying, "I no longer want to continue this conversation."

So funny!!

Texts from the dog!

Will Ferrell


hilarious auto-corrects!

Hilarious! I would actually love to have a project like this


Kristin... so many jokes for your class!

Detention. Worth it?

Too funny not to repin!! (Excuse the long post)