love it!!

Texts from dog. Omg!! I laughed for like 10 mins went to wake up my kid for him to read them

i probably will be this kind of parent one day xD jajajajaja am so sorry for you my lil daughter: Funny Texts, Funny Parent, Parent Text, Smiley Face, Funny Stuff, Text Messages, Parents Texting, So Funny


If only dogs could text...

whales whales whales! Because this is funny, not because I think a baby whale will die! I LOVE THIS!!!

Geeky & Funny Pick Up Lines (excuse the language) ...oh my gosh this is so funny!!

Texts from dog. I can't stop laughing. I am in tears from laughing so hard!!

love the name of this site "shit my kids ruined" ..... And I can't stop laughing

Text Messages From A Cat - these are hilarious!


HAHAHAHAHAHA some of these are pretty bad but these are hilarious

Autocorrect Fail! Although some of these are dirty I was laughing so hard I'm crying cuz this stuff really happens. Auto correct can be such a cruel cruel thing hahahahaha! Almost made me say I was a hermaphrodite instead of a germaphobe earlier. True story hahahahaha.

Awesome Texts

Read the reviews - hilarious

I almost died laughing

i don't know why i find this so funny.

If dogs could text