Mindless Mutterings: I thought I was a good person... but friends continue to let me go and fail to protect and love me... must be me because it can't be them, I collect good people, and protect and love them. Based on this logic, they are the good people, not me. ~Steph

true friendships always last :)

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This is how a strong friendship will be. 17 Quotes About Real Friendship and True Friends. - @mobile9 #quotes #friends #inspirational

Husband, sisters & girlfriends<3

My Best Friend!

Friends, Best Friends

In this life I have seen so many changes. I've lost friends that I never thought I'd lose!!

So true!


True friendship <3 I have been there like this and have had friends do the exact same!! Love my FRIENDS!! <3


Excellent advice.

A true friend


so true

True friendship is not being inseparable , it's being separated and noting changes. #Quotes #Friendship #BestFriend #DailyQuotes #Friends #FriendshipQuotes