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  • Katrina Alysse

    Sadness in a child's eyes.

  • Salma Kandil

    nezart design: Archive

  • Rukmani Balan

    tears make me wanna cry

  • Loree Gray

    one teardrop- big pain

  • Lexi

    Tears of joy? . . . sadness? . . . hurt?. . . pride?

  • Art🌠 Image🌇

    Tears⭕️PHILLYDREAMER Jose Velasquez Lodi, New Jersey. Cruelty, Why do you claim yet another victim❓ They once had innocent eyes Alive with hope and curiosity. Yet you felt the need, To steal those eyes away. Subjecting them to hate, And the darkest evils of man. You filled her heart with fear, Instead of the tender love they deserved And you watched with glee As your twisted love Took it's toll. Cruelty, You have such a calloused heart Why must you relish In the tears of a child. What is it about those Raindrops from heaven That nourishes you so well. Are you so far from God, That you have to steal Heaven From this child❓ Cruelty You've claimed another victim, But I swear this will be your last For I vow To make your acts known Once And For all❗️ Save Our Children❗️ Help To Put An End To Child Suffering❗️

  • Celina Tate

    WOW! I don't know why but this picture makes my heart break, so much sadness, and brokenness, and hope!

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Children will remember time spent and wisdom shared, not so much the items you provided." And, at the end of the day, family time is golden.

Somedays the aching inside is so painful that it makes time stop for awhile but you only have to hold on and pull through because tomorrow time will start again

Sadness is exposed when Edward realizes the harm he could cause Bella.


Tears are beautiful... dont let anyone convince you otherwise! It proves you feel and love...{love is beautiful}

such beautiful eyes hold such sadness

"Don't make me do it," she whispered, and all he could see in that moment was her eyes and the fear deeper than the ocean that hid within them.

So this isn't Facebook or texting. You are able to read this without me telling you. You know I still shed this tear all the time. And you supposedly had a guilty look on your face when you found that out. We never talk, and I'm still speechless from everything you told me which you made me look like an idiot. This tear that I shed should be the last.

Unlike Holden, Charlie confronts his problems He expresses his feelings and cries very often. Which is part of the reason why he ultimately becomes socially accepted.

How Do you mend a broken heart?----"You don't...there is always a scar, you just deal with that scar as best you can; somedays cover it up, some days soothe it any way you can, and somedays wear it proudly!" quote by Jodie Traugott, photo by unknown

I feel like people let little things or people control their emotions when really you just have to forget and move on people that don't care about you shouldn't be able to control your emotions don't give them that power or control surround yourself with people who care about you just LOVE LIFE!!!!!💙💜❤💚💛