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"Imagination"-Brad Spencer Breathes Life into Brick Sculptures #brick #sculpture #art

Absolutely amazing.

The wider side of the Gooderham Building (1892) in Toronto is marked by an artful painting made in the style of trompe l’oeil, meaning ‘to deceive the eye.’ The Flatiron Mural (1998) by Canadian artist Derek Besant, mirrors the building directly across from it. Derek gave the illusion of a fluttering drape and many open windows, only a few of which are actually there.

Graffiti Artist Turns A Bridge Into Realistic LEGO Street Art

ARMAN "Long Term Parking", 1982, Dimensions: 1950 cm, Description : Accumulation of 60 automobiles in concrete. 19,5 m. Parc de sculpture Le Montcel, Jouy-en-Josas, France >> and yet another reason to visit France! This is awesome!

Now that is different! ;) Fish swimming through brick building. #streetart #art #publicart #artwork


3D Street Art

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Giant Tap - 40 Unusual and Creative Statue and Sculpture Art – Part 1

Amazing how his emptiness frames nature

Magic Wall !


Creative zipper effect

Ha Ha How cool


umbrella by Marco Pece

This needs to be a large scale street art mural, #ArtforArt artist: Vassia Alaykova #art #streetart @Tracy Street Art Lovers

That's one way of getting the grass dry lol