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Explore British Telephone, London Telephone, and more! have read many articles recently of people getting attacked in parking lots while getting into their parked vehicle. The attacks included kidnapping, rape, murder, robbery and multiple thefts. I believe a basic overview of awareness techniques is required for our readers and anyone who is interested in learning how to spot and avoid potential on coming attackers........Read More

Collectable Vintage National Safety Poster - Watch how its done, Learn and Live, Beats Live and Learn In the aftermath of the massacre in Aurora, Colorado, various pundits and experts will ask whether anyone can feel safe enough to enjoy a concert or movie. It’s not an unreasonable question. The answer sounds distant and cool, but it is empirically correct: Murders at concerts, movie theatres and sporting venues are statistically small given the sheer number of persons who attend them.....Read more A man who strangled his prison cellmate and made good on a vow to continue killing if he wasn’t executed was put to death Wednesday in Virginia’s electric chair.....Read more The world’s GPS system is vulnerable to hackers or terrorists who could use it to hijack ships — even commercial airliners, according to a frightening new study that exposes a huge potential hole in national security. Using a laptop, a small antenna and an electronic GPS “spoofer” built for $3,000, GPS expert Todd Humphreys and his team at the University of Texas took control......Read More

Protecting Children’s Health: American Academy of Pediatrics Misses the Big Picture in Their Flawed ‘Organics’ Analysis A new academy at Alabama State University (ASU) will enhance security at nuclear, electric, and green-energy power installations across the United States and abroad. The new academy will provide comprehensive training for current and future security professionals who will offer infrastructure......Read more Congressional Republicans — as well as some Democrats — are putting the screws to the Obama administration as they investigate a rash of potential scandals, lining up hearings and inquiries as top leaders suggest jail time for the worst offenders. “My question isn’t about who’s going to resign.......Read More

Young Francesco Lentini ~ "When his parents refused to acknowledge him, his aunt raised him...eventually handed a home for disabled children...Lentini had hated his extra body parts until he spent time at the home...he met children who were deaf, blind, and mute...learned to walk, ice skate...jump rope. At the age of 8, Lentini moved to the U.S. and entered the sideshow business...he toured with Barnum and Bailey and Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show...gained US citizenship at...30"…