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  • Corinne Roberts

    The Perfect Long Lasting Lip Color Tutorial

  • Monique de Meza

    The Perfect Long Lasting Red Lip Tutorial #make up #maquillaje #化妆 #איפור #maquillage #메이크업 #макияж #schminken #メイクアップ #makyaj

  • Maureen Limon

    The Perfect Long Lasting Red Lip #makeup #tip #pictorial

  • Amtul Mansoor

    The Perfect Long Lasting Red Lip Tutorial. 1) Apply a lip balm and massage your lips with your fingers. 2) A good way to get rid of any extra skin on your lips is to rub them with a very clean toothbrush. 3)Use a translucent powder as a lip primer, this will act as a base for the lipstick. 4) Line your lips carefully with a red lip pencil. 5) Fill the rest of the lip in with the lip pencil.

  • Valerie Link

    The Perfect Long Lasting Red Lip Tutorial 1. make sure your lips are still there 2. brush your lips with your toothbrush? 3. touch the bottom corner of your lip with a black fury thing 4. make your lips look like they're bleeding 5. don't do anything 6. actually put on the lipstick 7. smear one corner with a brush 8. repeat step 3 for whatever reason 9. open your mouth slightly and you have the perfect red lips

  • Erica Lewis

    The perfect, long lasting, red lipstick tutorial!

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INSTRUCTIONS 1) Using a toothbrush or disposable mascara wand and lip balm, remove any dead skin by gently scrubbing in circular motions. 2) Outline the perimeter with a nude liner to prevent feathering. 3) Apply red lipstick directly from the tube. 4) Using an eyeshadow blending brush and translucent loose powder, powder your lips to really set the color. 5) Apply a second coat with a lip brush to smooth edges and perfect lines.

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