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Adult big wheel - I want one with purple streamers!!!

So, my wife doesn't want me to ever get a motorcycle. Well, how could she ever say no to this? By the way, had the idea for toys like this a long time ago. Some crazy guy - like me - is going to buy it.

To be 12 again. Or to be 23, that could work too. I think I'd want to build it from a single piece of bent tubing, and put a motor in the hub.

Adult Big Wheel Saweet I want to build this.

I heard of Big Wheel for kids but damn, Big Wheel for grown azz men! hahahahahahaha!

The Real Big Wheel! My family just doesn't understand why I NEED this!

Morgan, the exception to the 3-wheeler rule! ... but if you really must have a 3-wheeler, the third wheel has to be at the back! And absolutely NO Del-Boy vans!! (see "Un-Cool Rides" board for other No-No's)

big wheel bagger. CLICK the PICTURE or check out my BLOG for more: automobilevehicle...

I prefer things with 4 wheels ...but this could be fun...LOL

Fat tire mountain bike with a kick ass camo paint job! Yes- they would never see you until you pass them!