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  • Kacy Todd

    haha I have totally said this very thing before!! Too funny!

  • $ÅℕÐℛÅ . ☾ Ї ℛ ☾ ℒℰ

    perfect girl ?/go buy barbie ..

  • N.B.

    Or wait until after Armageddon for the resurrection, and hope Jehovah gives you everlasting life to live a perfect life with perfect people like you (if you make it).

  • Corina Bomboe

    Inspiring picture believe, quotes, truth. Resolution: 500x398 px. Find the picture to your taste!

  • Angel

    So very true

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Basically meaning wear what you want, do your hair how you want, and just be your amazing self. ♥

Barbie...OOAK (I think..) Lady Gaga inspired...pretty interesting doll.

I laughed too hard at this.

Vintage Barbie. I love her clothes and hat - that takes talent.

Is it weird that I can still strongly visualize some of my barbie's clothing..and I long to recreate the outfits for myself?

Barbie 1980's -you know... i once saw an interview with a french supermodel from the 80's .... she was crying and said she hated the way she looked and wanted to cut up her face.... because she WAS hated for being beautiful, she wanted women friends and men not to... well you know what men do to beautiful women at the end of the day... this is an exploitive rape culture, and i'm kinda glad my looks are gone

Barbie, love this hair style. Like to know who did it, and they might share a tutorial on the how to. Comment if you have any info.

Now you can barf like Barbie after eating barfaroni! :D "Ohh, Ken, hold my hair!" Bllleeeccchhhh!!!! :P~~~