Snow Totoro!


Winter Vandalism...

TOTORO! Guess who's gonna be playing outdoor in the snow this year


Cat Snow Sculpture

Snow Bunny

snow puppy...

watching the snow fall

Totoro Bag


Snow"Lady" Winter Feeder...

Snow rollers are formed when the wind blows wet snow into a roll. Three weather conditions must occur simultaneously and in the proper order for snow rollers to take shape. First, there has to be sufficient accumulation of light, fluffy snow. Secondly, once the snow has stopped falling, the temperature has to rise above the freezing mark, making the snow sticky. Finally, a strong wind is required to roll the snow up in layers. If the wind is strong enough, the moving ball of snow becomes cyl...

Calvin style !

cat hat

Best snowman ever!

hey, furball, get offa my head!!!

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Totoro Backpack

8 foot Snowcat