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Easy Button

Bullshit Button



glue the buttons to a balloon and then pop the balloon once the glue dries to make a button bowl

made from a closet rack - easy to do - great idea

The curved handles allow players to easily determine how to hold the controller. The locations of the buttons relative to the hands also easily reveals which buttons should be used with which fingers.

A beautiful illustration of #happiness

killing it.

You Are Loved

great spin on things


Like this.

#typo #typography #graphic #design #barneybarrett #barney-barrett #youcancallmehitch #minimalism #font #quote

All the time lol

One day at a time...


Get organized with dry-erase and chalkboard paint! Rust-Oleum makes it easy to paint a whiteboard or chalkboard directly onto your wall. The Home Depot Blog has the steps you’ll need to tackle this simple DIY project.