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Lego Math

Lego Math Worksheets

Lego math worksheets - great idea to do with real legos, too! I am thinking multiplication practice too!

Lego Math Worksheets. Learn with LEGO! (more at: http://clutterfreeclassroom.blogspot.ca/2012/02/legos-in-classroom.html)

Lego Math Worksheets

What a great way to learn math! What kid doesn't love Legos? Again I would laminate these to be reusable, provide Legos to use as math manipulatives. Students could solve the problems and then self check using the Legos.

Homeschooling with Legos - 30 learning activities for math, history, science, language arts and more!

Because we have no shortage of legos/megablocks. This round of up 30 educational LEGO learning activities shows that there are LOTS of different ways to use Legos for math, reading, language arts, history, science and more!

Aprendendo matemática com Lego. Aproveite as peças para ensinar a subtrair.

Lego Math Worksheets

More Lego Math - Subtraction! (I dunno if Kindergarten teachers teach subtraction , but this is a cute idea.

Lego Fraction Games for Kids - this is such a fun, hands on way for kids from Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade to learn about fraction in math.

Lego Fraction game: Love this example for students who are into Legos. This is a great way for students to learn commonly used fractions in an exciting way. It supports the NCTM standard of representing commonly used fractions.

Soy Preescolar: #Ideas para la #Escuela | #Pensamiento Matemático: "El juego de…

Soy Preescolar: #Ideas para la #Escuela | #Pensamiento Matemático: "El juego de…

Kindergarten Math Curriculum. Great ideas for teaching students basic math facts. {Lane and I have been using colored Popsicle sticks to add and subtract and he would also make patterns as he was laying them out lol! ~Kari} | best stuff

Unifix cubes are a concrete representation of addition/number bonds. Building the bond with the Unifix cubes is what develops number sense. Great use for flash cards instead of looking for just memorization

Lego math . . . Some ideas to get kids thinking math while building.

RE PIN- additional education page Lego Math! Such a great way to help kids visualize math! we were using candy until some were permanently "subtracted" when they became too tempting to bear

How to Teach Numbers with Legos www.teachersofgoodthings.com

How to Teach Numbers with Legos

How to Teach Numbers with Legos is a hands-on learning box that makes learning number recognition and counting fun and exciting.

Here's a simple game where students move around the board adding and subtracting blocks while trying to build the tallest tower.

We have had indoor recess after indoor recess and I've noticed that my students have a particular interest in 'building 'this year.

Crazy for First Grade: Gobble Goodies :)

Thanksgiving Math: Multiple ways to show the same answer. For higher grade levels -- use the number on the body to show factoring, and the tail feathers to show the math fact. Put product on body, different strategies to solve the fact.

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Free LEGO games for kids!Free addition and subtraction LEGO games for kids! Fun idea for practicing addition and subtraction in a hands-on way.

LEGO Addition and Subtraction

Fun free printable LEGO Addition and Subtraction game boards. Start with a stack of 25 legos (or linking cubes) for kindergarten.

Stickers on the dice all have a b or a d -- great activity to force kids to attend to letter shape when reading b/d and writing/tracing b/d

Activity for working with letter reversals! Stickers on the dice all have a b or a d -- great activity to encourage kids to attend to letter shape when reading b/d and writing/tracing b/d

Kids who like toy cars will love learning math with this simple game!

Fun Math Activity: Parking Lot Addition

Does your kid love toy cars? Use this math game to get them to learning math with their favorite toys! Material: painter's tape, sharpie (marker), and lots of toy cars via What Do We Do All Day

Making a 10 to Add ... so many great ideas! Read this!

Making a 10 to Add is a great math strategy to help students mentally add bigger numbers. It& a skill I picked up somewhere along the way i.