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  • Kara Rowells

    How to Remove remove red carpet stains |

  • Lisa Walker

    Super easy and inexpensive way to clean up a pop stain. Really worked!

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This magic stain remover only requires two ingredients plus water and a tiny bit of elbow grease.

How to completely remove carpet stains -- I was skeptical this would work but it really did. My house went from looking like it was condemned because of the stains on the rug from my two toddlers to actually being able to have people over :)

Remove Odors From Kitchen In Minutes Keep a few washed charcoal briquettes in a shallow dish on top of the refrigerator. To eliminate refrigerator odors, leave a small cup of fresh coffee grounds on two shelves. Deep-fry a small amount of cinnamon to chase all odors from your home.

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Salt: Remove Blood Stains How to do it: If you’re chasing little ones around all day, you might be prepared with snacks and band-aids, but you’ve probably found yourself wondering how to get stubborn blood stains out of clothes in a pinch. Easy! Just immerse the item in cold (very important) water and sprinkle it heavily with salt. Finally, scrub with bar soap and rinse.