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Cat In Bowl

Liquid takes shape of a bowl.Cat takes shape of a bowl.Therefore Cat is a Liquid :P hahahah ^^

Hahaha cats are interesting

20 Cute Googly Eyes Cat Prove You Don’t Have To Be Cute To Be Loved

Something about this fluffy flat faced cat makes me giggle. And I want it. You don't understand how much I want it.

UPDATE: Feline continues to seek fully liquid state http://ift.tt/2FmA1w3

UPDATE: Feline continues to seek fully liquid state http://ift.tt/2FmA1w3

així mateix!

Cat logic: if you're working on it, then I must sit on it.

O noooooo, I must have one!  It's so cute I'm gonna die!! Baby puss in boots!!

I am Puss in Boots.

It's so cute I'm gonna die. real life puss in boots

Funny Cats Acting Like Humans Compilation 2015

You & me...

Akin to a FISH eye lens image ! The goldfish bowl magnify's the cats face like a fish eye lens would ( An awesome illusion ) ✅


Oh I love that. I'll pin it.did I already pin it? Oh well, I'll pin it again.

Cats Center

Cats Center

When my kids are fighting and whining and crying my last resort before I snap is scrolling through the cute animal section on pinterest. works every time, they stop crying for all the occasions to say Awww...

Vampire kitty - Bat Cat - Kitten in a Halloween costume. Just plain adorable.

Neighborhood Watch Program (sam would totally do this if I moved his cat tree closer to the window! Afraid he would get stuck in the blinds.