Swimming pool bedroom

Who says you don't have room for a pool? Hydrofloors variable depth swimming pool floors can be simultaneously a deep diving pool, a child friendly shallow depth pool or a mid depth pool for exercise and water games whilst also offering the ability to be completely closed for security. The floor just rises and the water filters through! this is so cool!

Dream swimming pool above your house entrance

Indoor blue LED lit night cave swimming pool! Batman would be SO freaking jealous of this thing!

Indoor Pool

Hydro floors: the floor sinks and a pool appears...whoa.

Pool disguised as a pond. It has a natural filtration system that runs on the plants in the pool.Awesome

awesome bedrooms

Glamourous Mediterranean bedroom suite with coffered ceiling.... ᘡղbᘠ

Swimming Pool w/ Hot Tub!

under-house pool..cool

Kohler Waterfall Shower: WOW

telescopic pool enclosures

SO COOL! Basement window that looks out into the pool.

Chillin' in the pool.

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Swimming #pool right through the middle of the house. #Dream Houses #Dream Home| http://littledreamhouses875.blogspot.com

Five Swimming Pools We'd Love To Jump In

Caitlin Wilson Coral Deco Pillow| Perfect master bedroom from Jillian Harris

Cuddle Couch