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You will never have this day with your children again. Tomorrow they will be a little bigger then they are today. This day is a gift. Breathe and notice. Smell and touch them; study their faces and little feet and pay attention. Relish the charms of the present. Enjoy today mama. It will be over before you know it. ~Jen Hatmaker, quote, quotes about being a mom

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Your children will become who you are ; so be who you want them to be .

So true! Challenging.... #children #kids #quote #saying #example #mother #mom #motherhood #parenting

Look your child in the eyes and with a smile,say "I think you're special and I really like the way God made you." 16 Ways To Make Your Child Feel Loved | Clutter Interrupted

precious moments with children and grandchildren-so true I miss having my children around every day =(

You can't judge me for some of my mistakes, why don't you try looking at what I do to make my children love me and make them happy to be with me! You'd be surprised. I only know that because you say so many nasty things about me, except you are okay with that right? You can dish it out but no one can tell you anything back, oh right you're perfect I forgot!

So true, and hard to remember...this is for my girls and their babies...and me...for now I am a Mimi and need to remember this, too!