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  • Tracy Corn

    enjoy today, mama. it will be over before you know it. This is so true. My baby boys are growing up so fast and I just want to cherish every moment of it!

  • Sarah Hill

    Love this, so true. I quit my job 6+ years ago to be a stay at home momma...many sacrifices have been made, but my kids and the time I've had with them is more important than any "thing". Maybe they won't remember this time when they are grown, but I will....always. No regrets ❤

  • Angel Runge

    Great pin for Mother's Day! <3

  • Kimberlee Knutzen

    LOVE THIS!!! Enjoy today - it will be over before you know it, so true. I am so blessed to be a mommy!!!

  • Cherise Dippenaar

    I will hopefully look back on this in the future and read it every day of our kids' lives. Until then, I will remember this for the precious moments I spend with my sweet nephew and nieces.

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