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I know you are not supposed to choose favourites, but I can't sit on the fence any longer. I'm calling it....Lemon is my favourite! Love Em #happyhandshappyheart #allnatural #scentedplaydough #playdough #naturalplaydough #lemon #yellow #homemade #sensoryplay #fun

These beautiful necklaces are 10% off this week.. they are funky and super practical for new Mums as they are also teether necklaces made with eco wood and silicone beads. To find this search 'EVIE' on (link in profile) #soother #comforter #ba

Security Blanket, Knottie Bunny

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Spring Natural Hair Protective Style ♥ 4c Hair Partially stretched two strand twisted and bobby pinned _ took 13 minutes _ nice

6 of the Best Styles for Long or Short 4B/4C Natural Hair — 2015 Edition

You! Yes, you! You are awesome! You are perfect just as you are. You are enough...more than enough. You mean the world to somebody. Just seeing you makes their day. You have potential beyond what you think is possible. And you have more to give than you think. You are can endure more than you should ever have to. And you inspire someone (you probably don't even realise you do). So don't let anyone make you feel less than you are- because you are one special human…