im pretty sure thats just a cuff... no piercing required :) they have stuff like that on amazon... go check it :)

I really want one.

Cartilage Earring


Cartilage piercing

Owl Surgical Steel Cartliage Earring Piercing OWL. AND CARTILAGE PIERCING. I love my cartilage piercing <3

New cartilage piercings!

ear piercings.... I want my two cartilage done. Maybe I will get these for my birthday

cartilage earring

Ear Cuff

love this little ear cuff! need to make it!

ear cuff

love ear cuff

Triple cartilage piercing

triple cartilage piercing

Ear Cuff

ear cuff

Feather clip earring! <3

Ear cuffs

ear cuff - idea

Love ear cuff