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Love it!!!!  lol

You know why this is so amazing? Because of WHY Dobby loves socks. And the sock he was given. Socks represent his freedom. But it was Harry's sock and Dobby chose to be his elf. I love you because you set me free and I still chose to stay with you.

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Oh Sirius <3

"Sirius, it's just because he can't say padfoot. No ones ever seen a padfoot, but he's seen the moon." *five minutes later* "WOOF! >> re pinning for "he needs to sort out his priorities"


Horse Magic…

No no no, you're going to take someone's head off, and besides, you're saying it wrong. It's Levi-hOrse-a; not Levi-horse-A.

A video cutting together the Harry Potter series to look like a trailer for a teen rom-com is going viral again. | Someone Has Reimagined The "Harry Potter" Films As A Teen Movie And It Is Perfect

A video cutting together the Harry Potter series to look like a trailer for a teen rom-com is going viral again.

Harry Potter Re-cut as a teen comedy. A great example of how certain music and of course editing, can totally change the feel. But I'd watch it and love it just as much if it were a comedy

Harry Potter cast speaking in American accents! Too funny.

The Harry Potter cast speaks with American accents. this is the funniest thing i've seen in a while! "I speak American. It's the Freedom Language.


Never apologize when you aren't sorry. Apologize when you are sorry. Don't confuse offering an apology with asking for forgiveness: they are two distinct acts, and can be mutually exclusive.

This is seriously the BEST BEHIND THE SCENES EVER! Harry Potter cast having fun!

Harry Potter cast having fun! Mainly awesome because Dumbledore breaks it down. need to watch this at some point. wanted to watch but won't allow on phone. Pinning now to watch on PC later.

Awww, Harry Potter proposal!

I'm a Harry Potter nerd, and I would be a pissed that my boyfriend cut the pages of my Harry Potter book to do this.but this is a pretty cute idea I would probably die if my boyfriend did this