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It's still beautiful and deep. It's just now funny as well. And accurate.

Tumblr gets deep.... and lets add a nice game of spot the vegan XD (Sorry vegans its just kinda funny)

Y'know, if you just use Ctrl+W and Ctrl+T to close a tab and open a new tab, you don't get that problem.

Something I wrote when I was in a deep mood but tired at night :"A rose is like a beautiful flower, blooming and sweet smelling"

So if Mary had baby Jesus and Jesus is the Lamb of God.... Did Mary have a little Lamb?

from Twitter

doctor who on

I loved how wise 11 was


The Lost Art of Cleaning - Walls -

My sis­ter Jody, who is the queen of clean is back with another install­ment in the LOST ART OF CLEANING series. This post is all about how to clean walls. It’s not dif­fi­cult if you know the tricks, and Jody shares hers with us. Oh, you are going to LOVE her bril­liant idea of how to use a wash­cloth in place of a swif­fer! She’s a genius! A huge thank you Jody:)