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Sustainable Living Ideas by Atlantis Water Management. Ok if this was me I would build a few barrels underground and store water in them or have a valve that can fill it back up when turned on.

18-barrel rain catchment system for a total of just under 1,000 gallons

2-liter bottle of water in roof provides as much light as 50-watt light bulb. Saw a tv program about this and how people were introducing it to natives in poor countries who dont have electricity and can't afford solar since they live in shacks with thin roofs this was a perfect solution Ingenious! I will be trying this if i ever have a garden shed and/or chicken coop.

Put Goldfish in your rain barrels to eat the mosquito larvae. Clever. (Just have to make sure they get oxygen, and that you don't use the water up. Or drink it.)

Why Everyone Should Care About Rainwater Harvesting (and How to Do It)

A typical house has a roof area of 1,200 square feet and four downspouts that will each drain about 300 square feet of roof. That means a rainfall of 0.3 inches will fill a 55-gallon rain barrel placed under each downspout.

Shed with solar panels running power to our home and rain collection barrels to supply vegetable garden.Click To Enlarge

Did you know that 1″ of rain puts about 600 gallons of water atop a 1,000 square foot house? That’s a lot of rainwater to capture and a cistern can do the trick.