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Enchanted - Speak Now World Tour

I think it's amazing she feels the same way about us that we feel about her <13 <<<WE LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH TAY AND ALL WE WANT IS FOR YOU TO KNOW THAT!!!!! ♥ 13 ♥

Sigh.. I love the new Taylor, but I miss the old one. Just like a mom misses her crabby teenage daughter being a toddler.

Have ya ever thought just MAYBE, you belong with MEEEE!!!! You belong with ME! ♥

Taylor gets me. Especially that last one ♥.

If you hate Taylor I don't care. I'm posting this anyway. You may say Taylor sucks at singing but you better look out if you EVER have the nerve to say she is mean. She has saved lives. Have no idea who wrote this but they had a bad story.....Taylor took it away.

The picture reminds me of me and my cousin in summer. :D

“You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me, you are the reason for this tour, this show, and these memories. I hope you remember it as well as I do.”

Fearless Tour - Tell Me Why ♥