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I can think of two people instantly! Bet you can guess who they are!

waiting for the right time to post this to a certain someone's wall

Seriously - because they DO have man periods. they call them 'comma'

Giving your best friend 'the look' when someone is being annoying as hell.

lol i think we all do this all the time! or we giggle like an evil bitch :-)

Happens all the time! If i didnt tell you that means its none of your business!

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The kids asked me if I was sick today when I picked them up. "No, I took a shower this morning and didn't feel like putting on make-up. SUE ME!

Ecard humor

Funny Encouragement Ecard: Some mornings I wake up and think, yep, todays the day I punch someone square in the throat.

My life completely

well, just the morning people and mornings. i do like some people.


LMAO, I totally do this. I tried to read it to my boyfriend and couldn't stop laughing, and of course, I was laughing so hard there was no noise. But this time, I was not clapping like a retarded seal!