$1 each... remember this site for future parties.

Inexpensive Party LANTERNS in TONS of colors and sizes! Kara's Party Ideas Shop | KarasPartyIdeas.com/Shop #party #decor #inexpensive

Lunabazaar.com has a huge selection of cheap (starting at $0.80 each) paper lanterns (over 60 colors!), pom poms, and other lanterns and decorative accessories. Battery-powered individual LED lights for paper lanterns are $3.50 each or $2.75 ea for 24+ if we wanted to have any lit. This blog post has some helpful advice on how to plan (number and type needed) and install paper lanterns for an event

tiffany blue flower ball gta Richview Glass Wedding Supplies

Do it yourself paper lanterns...party idea!

Cheap Paper Lanterns $1. For the large cello wrapped candy decorations.

She wants black, white, and teal. Hmm...

Paper Lantern Centerpiece #Wedding

paper lantern party decor | Paper Lanterns | Paper Pom Poms | Birthday Party | Nursery Decor ...

White Round Paper Lantern String Lights (flat-packed) Item Code: L50F Price: $27.00 Ten small rice paper lanterns on a 9.5-foot electric cord. The lanterns are 4 inches in diameter, and are spaced 8 inches apart.

Napkin folding...lots of ideas!

Backdrop made out of paper plates

Am I too old to like this?

Party favor gift ideas for boys and girls

DIY Paper Lantern Vase Centerpiece | Find paper lanterns in assorted sizes and colors here: http://myweddingreceptionideas.com/paper_lanterns_decorations.asp

Hanging balloons, put a marble inside before you blow it up. MUCH cheaper than paper lanterns!

24 SUBMERSIBLE waterproof LED Light Paper Lantern Balloon Floral WEDDING Party...Purchased for less then $20 on ebay (4/23)

Paper lanterns.

DIY Giant Lollipop Party Centerpiece Use the PVC pipe idea for height, maybe the paper lanterns for color, put in a sand bucket with maybe some shells, flip flops, leis, etc coming out??

OH MY GOD THIS SITE IS ADDICTING IF YOU ARE PLANNING A WEDDING!!! It's all resale stuff from other weddings. SUPER cheap, but cool stuff!