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Lots of fungi samples with names and interesting facts. Mike (BBOWT). Photographer : Michael Iseard

Steve Axford: when walking through the wood on day, I came upon these tiny orange mushroom that looked like they were in suspended in the air. they were remarkable.

A cluster of tiny mushrooms, Coprinellus disseminatus, growing on a fallen log in the cloud forest. Mindo, west slope of Andes, Ecuador

Surprising Photos Reveal the Enchanting World of Fungi

Australian photographer Steve Axford explores the micro world through his macro lens in a stunning photo series of Fungi.

roos across open spaces ...of pure light photo excellent

Bird's nest fungus (Cyathus striatus) | Details on Site

This mushroom looks like it is right out of Willy Wonka's chocolate room. - Imgur

Saffron-drop Bonnet (Mycena crocata) ~ By vor dem Harz

I used to brake my take for these. When I was a child, we would bet on who would find the first, the most and the biggest and smallest.