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Antiquarian Lexicon Aubergine Blank Book

Samurai Sword Letter Opener! Opens letters like a warrior. Fight against your envelope foes!

from BonBon Break

Dear Crappy Neighbor

An open letter to the person who keeps leaving dog poop in my yard. Open Letters,Open letter

from BonBon Break

A Letter to the Boyfriend from Daddy-O

from BonBon Break

Sorry Neighbors, You Just Have to Deal

Dear Busybody Neighbors: Sorry, but you just have to deal. Open Letters,Open letter

from BonBon Break

To My Colorblind Friend

Beware the Colorblind Friend Open Letters,Open letter

from BonBon Break

What I've Learned: Gwyneth Paltrow is Human

from the scriggler

Open letters of Instructions!(Elisheba Yahudah)

Open letters of Instructions! by Elisheba Yahudah

from BonBon Break

Walk in My Shoes, White Mom

Take a moment and walk with this mama and explore the depths of racism in America. Open Letters,Open letter