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Crayon art FAIL #2... I dont know how everyone else did it, wax went EVERYWHERE! My new Mec jeans now have a huge green stain :( If anyone finds a pin on removing crayon from cloths, please send it my way! I tried to write with white crayon: FAIL. Wanted to add flowers... improvised w pompoms..FAIL. Luckily the pompoms arent glued down.. I had higher hopes for this one..

My new favorite melted crayons technique.. tape off the board and make a negative stencil... then, while holding the crayon, not gluing it down, start to melt with a heat gun. After you get a puddle of wax draw with the crayon slowly, while still applying the heat gun. It pushes the colors while you can guide it where you want it!

Classic crayon art.. had a tape flower on there but obviously the wax got under the tape

The cherry blossom pop bottle art project with a twist. Made this for my cousin

magic stain remover -- just did this on riley's strawberry stained clothes! stain removed before even washing

Mens shirt into a dress! Actually turned out pretty cute, luckily my dad is huge so his shirt worked

Canvas wall deco to match the rug. Painted canvas then hot glued flowers onto it. Flowers from:

Make Your Own Gardener's Hand Scrub

Hand scrub - kind of like MaryKay's Satin Hands...only cheaper! GREAT GIFT IDEA! - make, put in mason jar, tie with bow, add a tag!

Detailed tutorial on how to make several different kinds of fabric flowers, all in one post. With over 100 pictures! #french pouf #DIY #craft #sewing #ruffle #the better half