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I love this table cloth! I'm determine to make with the sowing machine handed down to me, by my Grams

Stitch or use Fabric Glue and use up those Doilies onto Table cloth, embellish with buttons, ribbon, embroidery

add a touch of glam with a tulle tablecloth #decor #wedding

pretty table cloths!

Loving this outdoor dining and the gorgeous polka dot table cloth x

Geometric Decor Ideas - Side Tables - Neutral Tones - Living Room

Africa | Asante Wrapper. Ghana | mid to late 19th century | Imported cotton cloth and black pigment | Historically Asante royalty wore adinkra, large wrappers with stamped patterns, only during periods of mourning. Though still worn in times of grief, adinkra cloths recently have become increasingly fashionable at social festivities and nonfunerary functions.