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Love the minimalism here.  Just would need to add "Live for God" or "Love the Lord"


the secret to success is simple: work hard and be nice to people.

<3 one of my guy friends sent this to me. Thanks Nate

This especially applies for me. because i do NOT normally tell people my problems I have to trust you a lot. & I don't trust people very easily so if I tell you my problems. You are EXTREMELY important to me!

Reclamamos tanto do nosso processo de envelhecimento às vezes esquecendo da beleza de todas as etapas que passamos e da pessoa melhor que ele nos torna! Que a gente saiba viver cada fase de forma plena sem julgamentos ou arrependimentos e sim com gratidão! #pararefletir #beleza #vida #envelhecer #fases #juventude #presença #mindfullness

Do not regret growing older. It's a privilege denied to many. do not regret your children growing older, either. every part of life they live, every age and phase, is precious.

"why do we close our eyes when we pray? when we cry? when we dream? or when we kiss? because we know that the most beautiful things in life are not seen, but felt by heart.

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Age is just a number, be young at heart. Be what age makes you happy

I guess Im doing my job, I hear "you're mean!" 387463483 times a day :)

HAHA I hope my kids don't think "I'm mean," though. But Mom vs Grandma. I know my grandma always won that one when I was a kid.

Got 2 Wear Shades: April 2012

Echo ☼ Echo ☼ Echo ☼ Acknowledge yourself & others and send out Love Song & Smiles ♫♥♪¨¯`♥ ¸.


I'm Too Busy Working On My Own Grass To Notice If Yours Is Greener. - Besides, how appealing could that shade of lying green ever be anyway.

"If you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever change." Love this & hope my kids understand the power in this truth. <--Agreed!

If youre lucky enough to be different, dont ever change. Love this hope my kids understand the power in this truth.