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    Damn you, Whedon!


    Haha this is very true...

    Joss- you are the writer of my soul.


    Colbert talking about Whedon. Not sure if laughing or crying.

    Haha it's true

    buffy vs. bella

    This is so true!!

    True story

    Regarding Firefly- "I wanted to tell a western, but I need spaceships or I get cranky." Joss Whedon, Comic-Con 2012. (background art from BlueHoot-

    Joss Whedon

    17. Steven Moffat owns half of your life and Joss Whedon owns the other half. ~ Nerdy Girl Problems // this is strangely accurate. Sherlock. Doctor Who. Firefly.


    This is a major issue. Seriously. A petition needs to be started, Girls Deserve Geeky! And plus sized! ;)

    Joss superfriends

    Must read for every Browncoat - The Real Reason Why Joss Whedon Named His Space Western Show Firefly

    Because what every teenage girl wants to do is console an angsty murderer. Or, just another reason to love Joss Whedon.

    Dust him