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  • Jen Riegler

    Defrost Confetti Prank. Happening. Michael will never see it coming!...and I'm trying glitter! Instant Party!

  • Jessica Mendez

    Defrost Confetti Prank... gonna have to try this. April Fools Day?

  • Katelyn Konvicka

    Defrost Confetti Prank. Ideas who to do this to is coming to me... ((:

  • Michaela Wojo

    confetti defrost car prank. Birthdays or April fools day.

  • Ebony Elder

    confetti prank, funny pranks. Next April fools day for Danny!

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I was reading the comments on this and thinking... do these people not know what ice is? Because I feel like that would be easier than flipping over a full cup of water... just a thought.

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I am so sorry but not really. This is hilarious. I would buy this.

Haha I only think that for my family and husband, but considering my birthday was yesterday, I was counting which of my family members contacted me.... they all passed.

"What year is it?" Paper towel display time traveller... Except you would have to wear clothes that didn't match the season, and come up with a saying (instead of "holy crap") that NOBODY ever used before, and pretend that people of the future say it all the time. [Troll Walmart Project]

perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I bring one pack of gum and its gone no joke by the end of the day, and I only eat one peice more funny pics on facebook:

I’m hitting every copier in the office with this…

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