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    If you teach anything watch this teacher teach her class. She is amazing! #kidmin

    OMG! This lady has these kids TRAINED! How awesome. Whole brain teaching student engagement in 1st grade

    YES!!! How to get your kids' attention WITHOUT YELLING! These ideas are great!

    Gestures to keep kids interested in lesson. All I have to say is wow.

    Oral Storytelling (Capitals and Punctuation)- More of her "whole brain teaching" videos. I've used her ideas and love them! Definitely doing this one tomorrow with capitals and punctuation. Lots of other videos on her you tube channel. Watch them all!

    Imagine If Every School Played *This* Video Before Class

    OMGosh! Excellent video on keeping voices down in the classroom. This guy is stinkin hilarious!

    OMG THIS WOMAN IS AMAZING! What GREAT Classroom Management! Whole Brain Teaching: This is a sixth grade class, but it would work GREAT for second graders!


    Whole Brain Teaching: Kindergarten (Expanded!) LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Totally implementing in my class, what an exuberant way to teach!

    Your Teacher's Aide: The 3 Minute Classroom Clean-Up

    I have watched all of her videos on whole brain teaching and her blog is even better! I was even more pleased to know she is right here in WYOMING!

    Describes the six basic implementation strategies for whole brain teaching: Class-Yes, The Scoreboard, Teach-Okay, Hands and Eyes, Switch, and Mirror.

    For my new teacher friends..this is gold. Do this technique for any procedure, it works! The best "how to" from Fred Jones on establishing rules , procedures and standards in your classroom!---classroom management. Always need something up your sleeve ;)

    Classroom Management Strategies | 25 classroom management strategies to get silence from a noisy group of students

    Just found out about this website... amazing!! Favorite Resources for Addressing Academic Concepts

    Ohhh... it's CATCHY! Original Pinner said: "This morning I walked into a fifth grade classroom and they were singing the song "What I Am" by Will.i.Am. And Yes, it's a song he sang on Sesame Street. But these fifth graders were LOVING it. Their teacher told me this was their new theme song. Let me tell you....all the kids were standing up and singing this song LOUD and with hand movements. It was so awesome because I could see how much they BELIEVED the words to this song."

    ▶ Demonstates several classroom managment techniques. Whole Brain Teaching: First Grade, Singular Nouns - YouTube

    Teacher's Prayer | Holly Monroe Calligraphy – Holly Monroe and Clifford Mansley : Heirloom Artists

    A teacher who just gets it! She had a child with ASD in her class and realized that a strategy for that child benefited ALL the children. Now every parent requests her based on her research.